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I just realised something…

You guys remember Dr Drakken from Kim Possible?

He’s a villain

He was blue

And there’s Voldemort, who is also a villain

He’s also pretty much blue

And then there’s Ron, who has Rufus - some sort of rat (naked mole rat to be precise):

and there’s also Ron who has Scabbers - a rat:

And in both, the Ron gets with the girl:

Kim Possible is Harry Potter.

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{9/35 pictures → Carrie Hope Fletcher}


{9/35 pictures → Carrie Hope Fletcher}

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Doctor Who has spoken. Obama will be elected.

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She imagines him imagining her. This is her salvation.

In spirit she walks the city, traces its labyrinths, its dingy mazes: each assignation, each rendezvous, each door and stair and bed. What he said, what she said, what they did, what they did then. Even the times they argued, fought, parted, agonized, rejoined. How they’d loved to cut themselves on each other, taste their own blood. We were ruinous together, she thinks. But how else can we live, these days, except in the midst of ruin?

Sometimes she wants to put a match to him, have done with him; finish with that endless, useless longing. At the very least, daily time and the entropy of her own body should take care of it—wear her threadbare, wear her out, erase that place in her brain. But no exorcism has been enough, nor has she tried very hard at it. Exorcism is not what she wants. She wants that terrified bliss, like falling out of an airplane by mistake. She wants his famished look. [‘The Blind Assassin’, Margaret Atwood]

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“Twirl for me.”


“Twirl for me.”

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when i was in 8th grade i liked this boy so i pickpocketed him and stole his green day wallet and the next day i brought it back to him and i was like “omg i found this on the ground here u go” and we were friends from then on 

so basically the moral of the story is if u ever want someone to notice u commit a criminal act on them and u will be friends maybe try kidnapping their pets or something

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